Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's been a couple of days...

Since I posted. I have been very busy outside doing yard work. Wayne and I finished a rock walkway yesterday behind the house. I sprayed the front yard and back yard for bugs (fleas, ticks and other creepy crawly creatures). Then I went up on the hill behind the house and sprayed more brush killer. The hillside was taken over by honeysuckle and blackberry bushes while we were gone. Now I am trying to get rid of it. The honeysuckle is killing one of the huge (very tall) pine trees up behind the house, so I am working hard to get it out of there and save it. I have the majority of the hillside killed off and probably tomorrow or Friday when it rains we will set it on fire to burn it off. We just have to wait until it rains because we are in a dry season in the mountains.

Well then I brought 3, 40 pound down to the front yard and planted to planters that I bought to put at the top of the steps. Each planter took almost the whole 40 pound bag. I planted pansey's in each of them and then I planted a small one with Petunias. The 2 flower beds that I put in are coming along very nicely. I didn't plant any flowers at all while we were down south and this year I have come to realize how much I missed working in amongst the flowers. Yesterday while I was planting the petunias I smelled something and then realized that I had forgotten that petunias smell good :)

Ariel had a track meet yesterday and didn't get home until almost midnight. She was soooo tired this morning when I tried to get her up. Poor thing I wanted to keep her home, but the rules are that they have to attend school the day before a meet and the day after a meet to be able to participate in the next one.... It really sucked too because they only have 1/2 day today and I let Cody and Joey stay home. And she has another track meet tomorrow. I told her this morning that if it was raining and storming tomorrow like it is supposed to then I wasn't going to take her. She then informed me that she HAS to go to this one because it is the last one before Regionals. If she doesn't go then she can't participate in regional's. Poor kid, she is worn out! I am glad that regionals aren't until the 10th!!! Gives them a little break.

Joey had Special Olympics yesterday and brought home 2 blue ribbons. But of course like always, nothing was written on the back so I don't know what the ribbons were for. I am going to e-mail his teacher today and see if he knows what they were for.

Well I guess that is all for right now....till next time.....

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