Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things I remember

You know I was just veggin on the couch and thought to myself, you know I should write down the things that I remember from my childhood. So I am going to write some of those....

*I remember riding my bike home from school and when I got close to my house I saw my Mom and Dad standing outside. They had just gotten home with a brand new car. It was a red four door Ford Granada (lol).

*I remember my mom giving me a surprise birthday party for my 9th birthday at McDonalds.

*I remember my mom and me going to Woolco's (like K-Mart) because there was something wrong with her camera. I remember running around in the store and hiding in the clothes racks. I was probably around 5 or 6.

*I remember was my hands in kindergarten at Immaculate Conception and the soap smelled soooo good. I now know that it was an almond smell (like Jergen's).

*I remember my dad asking me if I could follow a straight line and when I said yes he told me to get behind the wheel. I had to drive over Sam Rayburn Dam. I remember him saying to me, "now you have to follow a straight line because you know that I can't swim and there is water on both sides"...this was coming from a man who shipped out on a tugboat as a living and he can't swim....

*I remember us going on vacation to Maine (where my mom is from) and we stopped in Georgia and had bought fresh peach and apple cider. Well they were in the backseat with me so I ate and drank. A little while later I was in the front seat laying down sleeping and I woke up, ummmm let's just say very sick!!!!

*I remember meeting my sister Debbie for the first time. She was 18 and my mom and I had went to Florida on vacation to Fort Walton Beach. That is when I first met my sister.

*I don't remember my grammy and I remember little things about my grampy (my mom's parents). I remember him walking up the stairs to his bedroom. I remember him playing with me outside with Lassie and rolling down the "hill" in front of the house. I do remember going to the grave of my grammy.

*I remember the Paul Bunyon statue in Bangor, Maine.

*I remember holding a lobster and rubbing its belly to make it go to sleep.

*I remember us blackberry picking across the road from grammy and grampy's.

*I remember my first grade teacher, Mrs. Flowers telling me that I had very neat handwriting.

*I remember getting a spanking in school in the 7th grade.

*I remember going to Nanny and Papa's on Christmas. She was always so nice to me, but I can't say the same about my Papa. I don't think he ever wanted me around.

Gosh o.k. my brain is on overload now....This is really cool! I will write more things that I remember later :)

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  1. It's actually funny that some of your memories are the same as some of mine... lol...
    Maybe we are related in some way...
    Isn't it fun remembering and then writing it down? I think so...
    Thanks for sharing my friend...