Thursday, May 24, 2007

A little behind...

I just noticed that I haven't written in a while. It is a busy time of the year with school coming to end and summer coming real fast. This past week I was working on my blog and changed the template and when I did I lost all of my links and my Chris Daughtry video that I had on here. So I got frustrated and haven't been on here since. I guess I am not as computer savvy as I thought that I was, lol....So now I get to redo it all over again. And I guess I will stick with the boring templates that they have on here or I will find another that I like before I add everything back on it. At least I didn't lose everything that I have posted so far :)

This has been a busy week. Ariel had her Track Banquet and Band Banquet. We had a lot of fun this year with her being in high school. This week will be busy again also. She starts flag core camp tryouts. Cody is busy at school and has bridge up day this coming week. That is where he is going from elementary school to the junior high school. My baby is growing up way to fast. On the 7th he will have 6th grade graduation. That is the last day of school.

Today Cody and I went to the park. He walked and ran with me. I was proud of myself for running. I am hoping to get better at it and run the whole darn thing eventually :) Then he challenged me to a game of "Around the World" let's just say, Mama beat the pants off of him!!!! I can't believe that I beat him at it! He has been on the basketball team for 3 years, lol...Maybe he just felt sorry for his poor old mama. But then again he did say that I wore him out when we were walking and running, lolol...So that little 11 year old can't keep up with this old 41 year old, lololol... I love it!

O.K. I am off to work on my templates.... Catch ya later :)

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  1. Next time, remember to save your template on a .txt. It has really saved me sometimes.

    Have a good week