Monday, March 17, 2008


With today being all about green, "St. Patrick's Day", I have been thinking. What have we done to become for "green" friendly? Well I have changed almost all of my lightbulbs in the house to the new flourescent kind. I try to plan my days so that if I have to run errands I can get them done at one time to help save on gas. I notice at the grocery store yesterday that Clorox has come out with new "green" cleaners. I think that I will start giving them a try when I start running out.

Not only with trying to be more green friendly we are all trying to save money too. The government does not want to admit that we are in a recession, but what else would you call it? Prices of everything is going up, but our pay is staying the sames. I paid $3.42 for gas yesterday and it took $40.00 to fill up my little car. That is rediculous! I was going to get a gallon of milk when I was in K-Mart the other day just to save a stop at the grocery store, but it was $4.29 a gallon! Now I hear on the news that our personal property taxes will be going up again to help the schools. Then we have a presidential election this year that is really scaring me! We have a person who does not want to salute our flag or say our pledge of allegiance. We have another person whose husband was in the oval office for 8 years and did not do a good job. We have a republican (which is how I "usually" vote) that I feel I couldn't trust even if I could throw him. So what is a person to do. Who is a person supposed to vote for? All I hear is that "America needs a change" well tell me what you are going to do to change it!

Well so now let's talk about homeschooling. It is fun :) It only takes about 3 hours a day. Cody is like a sponge! The only thing that he even wants to watch on tv now is the history channel or discovery channel. He is really excited about our trip to Washington DC. We all are! And the fun thing is that we can use this trip as school work :)

And last but not least look at the new pictures of Dominick. It is so hard to believe that he will be a year old next week...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

School is fun

That is what Cody told me last night :) I hope that he enjoys homeschooling as much as he did when we lived in Louisiana. Tonight he is going to see the Globetrotters, so that will be fun... Yesterday we worked on Math, Spelling, Health and the Presidential Elections. Then we went to the park and walked for a while, about 30 minutes.

O.K. I know that this is short, but I have a busy day today :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

A new start...

Well I figured since our lives are dramatically changing that I need to start writing in my blog again. I know that I have said that before, but I am hoping that I can hold myself accountable now.

We are starting a old, new adventure in our household. Cody is going to be homeschooled! We homeschooled when we lived in Louisiana and loved it. He was in the 2nd grade then though. Now he is in the 7th....he is looking forward to it though! We are starting officially on Monday, March 10. We will be doing the 3 r's, but we are also going to be doing unit studies which can be really fun. Our first one is on Anne Franke and the Holocaust. We went to the library the other day and checked out some things. Cody watched the movie, "The Diary of Anne Franke" he sat mesmerized in front of the tv for almost 4 hours and did not move. We will be going to Washington DC soon and we will be touring the Holocaust museum.

Now on another note....we found out what was causing a lot of Cody's behavioral outbursts. He is allergic to red food dye's. Took him off of red and he is a totally different kid. Now he is a normal 12 year old with an attitude :)

Well time to close this one. I will try to post each day what we in homeschooling :)