Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things I remember

You know I was just veggin on the couch and thought to myself, you know I should write down the things that I remember from my childhood. So I am going to write some of those....

*I remember riding my bike home from school and when I got close to my house I saw my Mom and Dad standing outside. They had just gotten home with a brand new car. It was a red four door Ford Granada (lol).

*I remember my mom giving me a surprise birthday party for my 9th birthday at McDonalds.

*I remember my mom and me going to Woolco's (like K-Mart) because there was something wrong with her camera. I remember running around in the store and hiding in the clothes racks. I was probably around 5 or 6.

*I remember was my hands in kindergarten at Immaculate Conception and the soap smelled soooo good. I now know that it was an almond smell (like Jergen's).

*I remember my dad asking me if I could follow a straight line and when I said yes he told me to get behind the wheel. I had to drive over Sam Rayburn Dam. I remember him saying to me, "now you have to follow a straight line because you know that I can't swim and there is water on both sides"...this was coming from a man who shipped out on a tugboat as a living and he can't swim....

*I remember us going on vacation to Maine (where my mom is from) and we stopped in Georgia and had bought fresh peach and apple cider. Well they were in the backseat with me so I ate and drank. A little while later I was in the front seat laying down sleeping and I woke up, ummmm let's just say very sick!!!!

*I remember meeting my sister Debbie for the first time. She was 18 and my mom and I had went to Florida on vacation to Fort Walton Beach. That is when I first met my sister.

*I don't remember my grammy and I remember little things about my grampy (my mom's parents). I remember him walking up the stairs to his bedroom. I remember him playing with me outside with Lassie and rolling down the "hill" in front of the house. I do remember going to the grave of my grammy.

*I remember the Paul Bunyon statue in Bangor, Maine.

*I remember holding a lobster and rubbing its belly to make it go to sleep.

*I remember us blackberry picking across the road from grammy and grampy's.

*I remember my first grade teacher, Mrs. Flowers telling me that I had very neat handwriting.

*I remember getting a spanking in school in the 7th grade.

*I remember going to Nanny and Papa's on Christmas. She was always so nice to me, but I can't say the same about my Papa. I don't think he ever wanted me around.

Gosh o.k. my brain is on overload now....This is really cool! I will write more things that I remember later :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A little behind...

I just noticed that I haven't written in a while. It is a busy time of the year with school coming to end and summer coming real fast. This past week I was working on my blog and changed the template and when I did I lost all of my links and my Chris Daughtry video that I had on here. So I got frustrated and haven't been on here since. I guess I am not as computer savvy as I thought that I was, lol....So now I get to redo it all over again. And I guess I will stick with the boring templates that they have on here or I will find another that I like before I add everything back on it. At least I didn't lose everything that I have posted so far :)

This has been a busy week. Ariel had her Track Banquet and Band Banquet. We had a lot of fun this year with her being in high school. This week will be busy again also. She starts flag core camp tryouts. Cody is busy at school and has bridge up day this coming week. That is where he is going from elementary school to the junior high school. My baby is growing up way to fast. On the 7th he will have 6th grade graduation. That is the last day of school.

Today Cody and I went to the park. He walked and ran with me. I was proud of myself for running. I am hoping to get better at it and run the whole darn thing eventually :) Then he challenged me to a game of "Around the World" let's just say, Mama beat the pants off of him!!!! I can't believe that I beat him at it! He has been on the basketball team for 3 years, lol...Maybe he just felt sorry for his poor old mama. But then again he did say that I wore him out when we were walking and running, lolol...So that little 11 year old can't keep up with this old 41 year old, lololol... I love it!

O.K. I am off to work on my templates.... Catch ya later :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New pictures

of my grandson that I just had to share... He is so adorable and sooooo chunky :)

Been a few days...

Since I have posted in here. I have added a couple of things. One of which is a video of a song that a really like "Coming Home". It is by Chris Daughtry who was on American Idol last year, 2006. Speaking of American Idol....I can't believe that Melinda Doolittle was voted out!!! She is so very talented and I truly thought that she would be the winner! So did Simon! of all people. So now if I had to chose who to win I would say Blake. O.k. enough of AI.

Now what about the Price is Right? It is sad to see old Bob retire. I remember watching the show when I was little :) Telling my age here. It is a fun show to watch sometimes. I was just watching the Early Show and they showed some of Bob's most memorable moments and there was this woman coming down to contestants row. She had on a tube top and it came down right along with her, lololol.....Bob thought, wow they really love me and he comes on stage and asks the anouncer what is going on and he says "Bob this lady gave her all for you", roflol!!!! I thought that this was funny.

Tonight is Ariel's Sports Banquet at school. She is excited about it. Next week is her birthday and also on her birthday is the Band Banquet. End of school is very busy! This brings me a thought that I saw on a friend's blog and thought I would do it here too....

Why is it that.....
Gas prices have to be so high?
Life has to be so complicated sometimes?
My children can be angels one minute and hellions the next?
Everything that kids do in school now has to cost so much money?
When I was in school, there wasn't all of these expenses.
With the inflation that is happening right now, why isn't our pay compensated for it?
People don't understand Joey?
Kids bully kids?
O.K. I guess that is enough of my why's for right now, but I challenge you to ask the same questions yourself. Think about how you can answer them or what you can do to change the ones that you want changed....
Now on to other stuff. I had a really good mother's day. The kids made me breakfast in bed. Then we packed up a picnic and went four wheelin in the woods. We had a really good peaceful day. It was nice in the woods. We stopped by a creek and had a picnic lunch and the kids played with the minnows in the creek trying to get them to eat some bread, that they didn't want. There hands were like ice and they were trying to put them on me to warm them up, lol. No way they are old enough to warm their own hands, hehehehehehe.... When we got home we lit the grill and threw some meat on it and just had a simple quick supper. We all slept good after being outdoors in the fresh mountain air. I guess during the summer we will spend a lot of time up in the woods because of gas prices being so outrageous no one can afford to go anywhere on a vacation. But that is o.k. we love it. And at the end of June the blackberries are out and we go picking. Then we bring them home and I can them. I make blackberry jam, blackberry ice cream topping, freeze some for cobbler.....yummy!!!!
O.K. well I guess that is enough for now :) TTYL....

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hello again...

Well Wayne and I went to Penn Station Subs for lunch.... I will have to say that I like Steak Escape better, because I can get pineapple on my subs :) I am a sucker for pineapple on pizza's and subs :) The we had to go do the grocery duty.... I have tried to break the kids from eating, but dagonnit they just wont stop, lol....And now that summer is coming up, once they are out of school they are going to eat us out of house and home....guess I better keep them busy then!!!

I did accomplish a couple of other things today also. I planted to hanging planters with petunia's and watered both of the flower beds this evening. The flowers are looking soooo very pretty now. I might get more to put out back along side of the house. I do have some Dusty Millers that I need to plant, so I could put those along side of the back of the house...

Funny thing happened this afternoon....There is a bird nest on top of our bay window. Wayne and I were walking by and I noticed little birdies in the nest. So I ran inside and got my camera...I came out the door expecting Wayne to take the picture for me since he is taller....NOPE....he was sitting on the porch and said get on and was pointing to his shoulders!!! I said I am going to break your back!! And I have not been on anyones shoulders since high school 20+ years ago, lolololol!!!! I just knew I was going to fall and bust my ass!!! Anyway the pics aren't that good, but here they are:

I think they are robins, but not a bird person so I really couldn't tell ya for sure :) I know that momma bird has charged at us several times during the duration of the nest being there....I know for sure that there are two birds in there, maybe three. I think that this is the first time that I have seen birdies in a bird nest...I have never been able to get that close to them before and it is a beautiful site to see in springtime, when everything is turning green and the birds are chirping. At dusk you can sit outside and hear the frogs and all of the differents chirping noices of the animals. You know Wayne has it right when he says that in the spring the mountains are waking up and stretching out their arms and getting ready dance (getting ready to dance is me)....

I also did finish a scrapbook layout that I have been trying to finish for a couple of days to post on e-bay but I was stuck and thanks to Kym on my group giving us a challenge I was able to finish it tonight. I am going to post it on e-bay and hopefully it will sell for good money, lolol...Gotta start supporting the habit...
Well it is getting late, so I guess it is time to turn in and go night night.... Get ready to do it all over again tomorrow....hmmmm Wayne will be working tomorrow, kids at school....maybe scrapping time :)
Type at ya later!!!


Well not really sure what I am going to get into today. I have two flower pots that still need to be planted and I rrrreaallllyyyyy need to get that done. I don't want for the rest of my flowers to die! It is another gorgeous day outside! I will definitly spend some time out there today!

Yesterday evening we (me, Wayne and the kids) went four wheelin' up Indian Creek last night...It was soooo relaxing! We ended up on top of the mountain and at some points you could see through the trees and see how high up we were. You could only hear the birds chirping and the water flowing through the creek. I would love to live in a place like that. I guess that is why we love our camp so much and I can't wait. I call it ours because we are the only ones that go up to it anymore. It is actually some friends of the family that are not in very good health anymore and can't go many places. Wayne wants to buy it from them, because we just love it so much and are there so often during the summer.

Today is Pioneer day at the high school today. I didn't think to send a camera with Ariel today. Hopefully some of her friends will take pics. They are going to be doing rock climbing. She has had such a great first year in high school this year. She is in Marching Band, has ran (currently) track and is going to try out for the flag core for next year. She wanted to try out for Majorette, but I told her I thought that flag would be better for her as she has no experience with twirling and she just got her baton. So I suggested to her that she try out for flag and take a year and get better with the baton and then next year try out for majorette. She thought that was a good idea.

O.K. well I am going to go eat lunch with Wayne and then decide what to do with the rest of my day :)

Monday, May 7, 2007

My little ham...

I thought I would post of picture of my grandson.... he is just soooo adorable and I wish I was there to hold him and spoil him!!!!

Isn't he cute? He had a full belly here and was ready to go to sleep, but mommie just kept right on taking pictures. I called this picture chubby cheeks, lol...

He is sooo very precious and oneday soon his granny will be able to spoil him!!!

It's a good day...

Well my grandson came home from the hospital today. They still don't really know what is wrong with him. I will be glad when they move to the other base in Germany so that they can get dr.s' that know something.

But today is just an all around good day. It is absolutely gorgeous outside. I had to run a couple of errands and decided to come home through the state forest. I had the music on and windows on the car down and thought it is just so beautiful. Everything is turning green finally and it is nice outside. Today would have been a good day for a picnic, but all of the kids were in school. It is supposed to get hot by the end of the week.

I mowed grass today. It has grown like crazy since the rain this weekend. I am going to plant a couple of flower of pots this afternoon. Enjoy the weather while I can because I don't like it outside when it is hot, lol....

Well I am gonna go for now....have a wonderful day, I am :)

Friday, May 4, 2007


Several good things to write about:) Yesterday Ariel had a track meet. Let's just say that Sherman kicked but and took names!!! Our girls team took 1st place overall, our boys team took 1st place overall! Ariel won 2nd place in the 4x200 and 6th in the 4x400. Twin Girls on our team tool 1st and 2nd place overall!..... We ROCKED!!! I am soooo proud of Ariel and her team! They did wonderful yesterday. Next week we have the regionals and I hope that they do as well there. It is amazing to me to see Ariel doing these things. She is actually excited about being in track next year too! She came home with the papers too to try out for flag core or majorette next year. She is not sure which one she wants to do. She was going to do cross country track, but band would interfere with that, and I want for her to stay in the band, whether it be playing the clarinet, doing flag core or majorette. I keep reminding her that it is a great way to be able to get a scholarship.

The sun is actually out right now, it was nasty for the track meet yesterday... It was rainy, the track was hard asphalt so the kids couldn't wear their cleats and had to wear their reg. tennis shoes. One boy from another team broke his ankle when he slipped off of the track :( He was in a lot of pain. Ariel twisted her knee on the 100 yard dash and was still favoring it this morning. I told her that unfortunately these things happen in sports and you have got to learn to deal with the aches and pains, twists and breaks that come along with participating in sports...

Yesterday before we left for the track meet we watched the "mock" traffic accident for the prom this weekend. Wayne was one of the ones "on scene". You know I know that the kids know that this is fake, but it is to prove a point about drinking and driving. And as I was standing there watching, I was also listening to the kids laugh about it and make comments to the fact that "this stupid shit ain't gonna stop me from drinking and partying on my prom night".... I feel sorry for these kids, because they may be the ones in the body bag Saturday night. They don't realize how quickly life can be taken away. I just wanted to shake them and tell them, to shut up and pay attention, because that could be you. Some just don't care though...

Anyway on to more stuff...Cody was asleep when I got home from the track meet last night, so he woke up this morning to let me know that he had received student of the month!!!! Yippee! He told me that he didn't get any checks marks for the month! I told him I was proud of him but I wished he could do the same at home, lol....I think that this is a good way to leave elementary school and go into jr. high next year.. The last month of the last year at elementary and he was SOM....wonderful!!! I am proud of him.... Now hopefully I will still be when progress reports come out next week....lololol...

Well I guess that is it for now....

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bad Day

Well yesterday was a really bad day for me....I am just so tired of all of the disrespect and lack of appreciation that I get. I do everything I can for my kids, but do they appreciate it? I don't think that they do. So yesterday I officially went on STRIKE. I refuse to do things for them until they realize that I am not a rug that they can walk all over. Well I guess I can strike completely, I still have to take Ariel to her track meets, cook and do some housework....But they are responsible for doing their own laundry now, completely! If they don't have clean clothes, then it is their problem....If they can't walk in their room and they are embarrassed when one of their friends comes over, it is their fault. I don't take them with me when I go to the store or something I know that they would enjoy doing, it is their fault. Maybe once they realize that I am a human being too, things may change.

The clencher yesterday was after I told them that I was on strike and they had to clean the kitchen, living room and bathroom. They started fighting with each other about who was going to do what. Cody pushed Ariel down. That was it I had had it. I went off, maybe I shouldn't have, I should have been the adult, but I couldn't take anymore. I yelled, screamed and hollered. Then I left for a while. I had to for my sanity. So I got Joey dressed and we left for about an 1 1/2.

I went to Wayne's work and told him what all had transpired. He asked me if the kids knew where I was and I told him no. That when I left I didn't know where I was going just had to get out for a while. I told him to call home and see what they had to say. He asked if I was home and they said no that I was really really really mad and upset and crying and I left and they didn't know where I went. He told them that I was there and then it was on....

I have taken things away from the kids now and they can earn only 1 item a week back. I got them where it hurts too.... Ariel can't have any make-up and the hair straighter (very get through to you for a 14 yo), no computer, no phone, no friends over and she doesn't go to friends house. Cody, had to give me all of his hunting stuff (loves loves hunting and it is spring gobbler season) and on the weekends he can't go to maw-maw's and spend the night and can't go to the movies with her on Sundays. He also has no computer, no phone, no mp3 player, no playstation, no friends over or spending the night at friends houses.

Today I am working on a chore list. If they go one day without doing them then they once again lose the item that they are working for. I don't know if this is going to work and I know that it is harsh, but I have got to get control over them. I refuse to have a nervouse breakdown...

Today is another day and it has to be better even though I have a headache from haddes right now, my eyes are swollen from crying so much yesterday and I am still depressed over it. But today is another day so it has to be better because I say that it has to be better :)

Some of my layouts

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's been a couple of days...

Since I posted. I have been very busy outside doing yard work. Wayne and I finished a rock walkway yesterday behind the house. I sprayed the front yard and back yard for bugs (fleas, ticks and other creepy crawly creatures). Then I went up on the hill behind the house and sprayed more brush killer. The hillside was taken over by honeysuckle and blackberry bushes while we were gone. Now I am trying to get rid of it. The honeysuckle is killing one of the huge (very tall) pine trees up behind the house, so I am working hard to get it out of there and save it. I have the majority of the hillside killed off and probably tomorrow or Friday when it rains we will set it on fire to burn it off. We just have to wait until it rains because we are in a dry season in the mountains.

Well then I brought 3, 40 pound down to the front yard and planted to planters that I bought to put at the top of the steps. Each planter took almost the whole 40 pound bag. I planted pansey's in each of them and then I planted a small one with Petunias. The 2 flower beds that I put in are coming along very nicely. I didn't plant any flowers at all while we were down south and this year I have come to realize how much I missed working in amongst the flowers. Yesterday while I was planting the petunias I smelled something and then realized that I had forgotten that petunias smell good :)

Ariel had a track meet yesterday and didn't get home until almost midnight. She was soooo tired this morning when I tried to get her up. Poor thing I wanted to keep her home, but the rules are that they have to attend school the day before a meet and the day after a meet to be able to participate in the next one.... It really sucked too because they only have 1/2 day today and I let Cody and Joey stay home. And she has another track meet tomorrow. I told her this morning that if it was raining and storming tomorrow like it is supposed to then I wasn't going to take her. She then informed me that she HAS to go to this one because it is the last one before Regionals. If she doesn't go then she can't participate in regional's. Poor kid, she is worn out! I am glad that regionals aren't until the 10th!!! Gives them a little break.

Joey had Special Olympics yesterday and brought home 2 blue ribbons. But of course like always, nothing was written on the back so I don't know what the ribbons were for. I am going to e-mail his teacher today and see if he knows what they were for.

Well I guess that is all for right now....till next time.....