Thursday, May 17, 2007

Been a few days...

Since I have posted in here. I have added a couple of things. One of which is a video of a song that a really like "Coming Home". It is by Chris Daughtry who was on American Idol last year, 2006. Speaking of American Idol....I can't believe that Melinda Doolittle was voted out!!! She is so very talented and I truly thought that she would be the winner! So did Simon! of all people. So now if I had to chose who to win I would say Blake. O.k. enough of AI.

Now what about the Price is Right? It is sad to see old Bob retire. I remember watching the show when I was little :) Telling my age here. It is a fun show to watch sometimes. I was just watching the Early Show and they showed some of Bob's most memorable moments and there was this woman coming down to contestants row. She had on a tube top and it came down right along with her, lololol.....Bob thought, wow they really love me and he comes on stage and asks the anouncer what is going on and he says "Bob this lady gave her all for you", roflol!!!! I thought that this was funny.

Tonight is Ariel's Sports Banquet at school. She is excited about it. Next week is her birthday and also on her birthday is the Band Banquet. End of school is very busy! This brings me a thought that I saw on a friend's blog and thought I would do it here too....

Why is it that.....
Gas prices have to be so high?
Life has to be so complicated sometimes?
My children can be angels one minute and hellions the next?
Everything that kids do in school now has to cost so much money?
When I was in school, there wasn't all of these expenses.
With the inflation that is happening right now, why isn't our pay compensated for it?
People don't understand Joey?
Kids bully kids?
O.K. I guess that is enough of my why's for right now, but I challenge you to ask the same questions yourself. Think about how you can answer them or what you can do to change the ones that you want changed....
Now on to other stuff. I had a really good mother's day. The kids made me breakfast in bed. Then we packed up a picnic and went four wheelin in the woods. We had a really good peaceful day. It was nice in the woods. We stopped by a creek and had a picnic lunch and the kids played with the minnows in the creek trying to get them to eat some bread, that they didn't want. There hands were like ice and they were trying to put them on me to warm them up, lol. No way they are old enough to warm their own hands, hehehehehehe.... When we got home we lit the grill and threw some meat on it and just had a simple quick supper. We all slept good after being outdoors in the fresh mountain air. I guess during the summer we will spend a lot of time up in the woods because of gas prices being so outrageous no one can afford to go anywhere on a vacation. But that is o.k. we love it. And at the end of June the blackberries are out and we go picking. Then we bring them home and I can them. I make blackberry jam, blackberry ice cream topping, freeze some for cobbler.....yummy!!!!
O.K. well I guess that is enough for now :) TTYL....

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