Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bad Day

Well yesterday was a really bad day for me....I am just so tired of all of the disrespect and lack of appreciation that I get. I do everything I can for my kids, but do they appreciate it? I don't think that they do. So yesterday I officially went on STRIKE. I refuse to do things for them until they realize that I am not a rug that they can walk all over. Well I guess I can strike completely, I still have to take Ariel to her track meets, cook and do some housework....But they are responsible for doing their own laundry now, completely! If they don't have clean clothes, then it is their problem....If they can't walk in their room and they are embarrassed when one of their friends comes over, it is their fault. I don't take them with me when I go to the store or something I know that they would enjoy doing, it is their fault. Maybe once they realize that I am a human being too, things may change.

The clencher yesterday was after I told them that I was on strike and they had to clean the kitchen, living room and bathroom. They started fighting with each other about who was going to do what. Cody pushed Ariel down. That was it I had had it. I went off, maybe I shouldn't have, I should have been the adult, but I couldn't take anymore. I yelled, screamed and hollered. Then I left for a while. I had to for my sanity. So I got Joey dressed and we left for about an 1 1/2.

I went to Wayne's work and told him what all had transpired. He asked me if the kids knew where I was and I told him no. That when I left I didn't know where I was going just had to get out for a while. I told him to call home and see what they had to say. He asked if I was home and they said no that I was really really really mad and upset and crying and I left and they didn't know where I went. He told them that I was there and then it was on....

I have taken things away from the kids now and they can earn only 1 item a week back. I got them where it hurts too.... Ariel can't have any make-up and the hair straighter (very get through to you for a 14 yo), no computer, no phone, no friends over and she doesn't go to friends house. Cody, had to give me all of his hunting stuff (loves loves hunting and it is spring gobbler season) and on the weekends he can't go to maw-maw's and spend the night and can't go to the movies with her on Sundays. He also has no computer, no phone, no mp3 player, no playstation, no friends over or spending the night at friends houses.

Today I am working on a chore list. If they go one day without doing them then they once again lose the item that they are working for. I don't know if this is going to work and I know that it is harsh, but I have got to get control over them. I refuse to have a nervouse breakdown...

Today is another day and it has to be better even though I have a headache from haddes right now, my eyes are swollen from crying so much yesterday and I am still depressed over it. But today is another day so it has to be better because I say that it has to be better :)


  1. sandy,
    just make sure now you stick to your guns or you won't be taken serously ever... i'm so very proud of you... what you are doing takes courage but you need to for your own self presurvation... know this.. we all in the group have your back... and remember i do have a room i can loan you... lol
    love you,

  2. You go girl! Be tough. It will be hard for a little while but once they understand things will be better. It has to start sometime and now is the best time.