Saturday, December 5, 2009

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

When I saw Tim's tag for day 3, I thought there was no way I would be able to do this....but once I got started, it was so easy!  I love this technique and can see myself using it on my scrapbook layouts as well as other crafty things.  Here is Tim's tag for day 3 -

Aren't they beautiful?  I could believe how easy they were to do.

Here is my tag, with a few differences from Tim's -

To learn this technique and all of the others, please visit Tim's blog here.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I will hopefully post day 4's tag tomorrow.  I have to pick up a couple of things tomorrow to do it :o)


12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

I was amazed when I saw this tag!  I absolutely fell in love it and decided, this is going to be on my Christmas Cards this year...I better get busy on them, because we have my husband's Christmas Party a week from tomorrow!  Here is Tim's tag for Day 2....

And now, here is my version.  I didn't have the metal rose that he used, and of course there are some changes on mine, but I made it my own...

Thanks for stopping by to take a look.  I will post day 3 soon.


Tim Holtz 12 days of Christmas Tags - Day 1

In 2007 designer Tim Holtz started something.  He started his now famous 12 days of Christmas Tags.  That is when I fell in love with his style and wanted to learn everything that he taught.  This year I am trying to keep up and make the tags each day as he does.  If you would like to know more about Tim and learn about his crafting or to find the steps in making his gorgeous tags, then please go to his blog.  This was his tag on day 1, isn't it gorgeous?

This was so much fun to do!  Here is my version of the tag.  I did have the same snowman stamp, so I used another one.  Also my snowflakes and flourish stamps are also different, but hey it is all about making it your own :o)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, I'll post day two in a few :o)


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Because of popular demand

I am going to post the rest of the photos of the paper bag album that I made for Shelly Wood. :o)

Goodies stuffed inside:

I have more goodies stuffed inside, but for some reason the picture would not load...

I hope that Shelly enjoys the albums..  I made it so that she can add her own Christmas pictures to it.

Thanks for looking :o)


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paper Bag Album

I have been working on a Christmas themed paper bag album for a swap on the yahoo group ARTHavenCreations_Friendships.  I made this for a friend on the group, I hope that she likes it.

This is the front cover of it, minus a few surprise embellishments :o)

That is all I am going to show of it because I want for it to be a surprise....After she gets it, if I remember to, I will post the rest of the pictures.

I have more things to post a little later :o)

Thanks for stopping by,


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just sharing thoughts...

A person in the scrapbooking industry was stolen from recently.  Tim Holtz is known by everyone who scrapbooks.  We all love his style, his flair, his kindness and generosity.  As he was getting ready to leave the Carson City stamp show, his bag was stolen.  It had his laptop, phone, jewelry, his medication....his life....all of this was in his bag.  How can someone do this?  How can they live with themselves?  Well they should know that Tim did not let this get him down for long!  He is back up and running and full of gusto!  He is going to do the 12 tags of Christmas that we have all come to love beginning on December 1....I can't wait!  This year I have made a promise to myself to follow along each day and make the tag that he has made.  This is the least that I can do for him, when he does so much for us!  He posted this on his blog and I am wanting to share...

Tim you are truly something more!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here's your chance...

To win a Cuttlebug and Embossing Folder from SVG cuts!!!!  Check out the link and learn how to win...Hurry though you don't have much time :o)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scrap Pink

This past weekend I attended Scrap Pink in Flatwoods, West Virginia.  We had so much fun.  All of the proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  We had a blast.  We had four survivors that attended.  What an inspiration.

Tina and I roomed together, here is our pic together...I am so going to miss her when she moves, she is truly a BFF :o)

For me, I accomplished quite a bit.  Here are the layouts that I completed...

Well I hope that you have enjoyed looking :o)

Till next time....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just ranting and blowing off steam...

Why is it that school districts won't get our kids the things that our kids need?  Joey had his augmentative evaluation back in March of this year.  According to the law, Policy 24-19, the school district only has so many days to impliment what it is determined the child needs.  Well it was determined that Joey needed an augmentative device.  Well of course Boone County schools fell down on the job AGAIN...I swear these people must fall down and bump their freaking head every freaking day (yes I am being nice by not using the other word!).  A certain device was suggested for Joey, but of course since they fell down and bumped their head, that device has now been discontinued.  Well the high and mighty's that think they know everything about Autism (which they don't, they don't have an autistic person in their life) have suggested another device that is based on a 1st grade level...HELLO YOU STUPID IGNORANT MORONS...MY CHILD IS 18 YEARS OLD!!! He may be a lot slower than most people, but if you knew my son, you would know that he is above a 1st grade level!!!  You know that is all ya'll want, to NOT SEE OUR KIDS SUCCEED!!!  WELL PEOPLE YA'LL HAVE MESSED WITH THE WRONG MOM!!!  You would think after you dealing with me for 15 years that it would get through your heads!  Ya know what, I have had enough!!!  You really want to see me fight?  You haven't seen anything yet... 

I have suggested an alternative device to the one that the school district thinks should suffice, (oh you know why they want the other device?  Because is was $3,000 cheaper!)  Well folks it is going to cost about $7,000 total for the device that he should have!!!! The one that they want to get is right at $3,000.  I even offered, in writing, to allow them to bill Joey's know what they said?  "Oh no, we can't bill medicaid"...BULLSHIT!!! If you can't bill medicaid, then why do they want for me to sign authorization for them to bill medicaid for his IEP meetings?  Maybe a little double dipping...hmmm, because isn't my child allowed to have "a free and appropriate education" just as "normal" children?...well that is what the law says, and I know what Boone County Schools think about the law. 

I even asked Joey's advocate to write a letter to them on what her recommendations were.  I told her don't recommend the one that I want, if you don't believe that it would be in Joey's best interest.  I sent her the specifics on both devices.  She believes also that the one that I am recommended should be the one that Joey gets.  We have decided to just let them do what they want to do though...they will have their day in court!!!

I just had to get this off of my chest...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

This is the latest layout that I have done of my beautiful grand-daughter, Gianna. I can't wait to see her and hold her in my arms. March can't get here soon enough! They will be transferring to Fort Knox, Kentucky...alot closer than Germany that's for sure!!!

Toodles :o)
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Layouts

Here are a few layouts that I have completed recently, just thought that I would share.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First day of school

Well August 26, 2009 was an emotional day for me. My baby girl Ariel had her last first day of school....meaning....She is a senior this year. It seems as if just yesterday I was putting her on the school bus for the very first time. Where has the time gone? I know she has grown up already. I know that is just a clone of her every time I see her mouth open and she starts asking what she should do with her life and what should she take in college. My baby is little bitty with big cheeks, and a smile that could make your heart melt. Where did she go? I know she is still here, for summer will be different though and that I am not looking forward too.

And of course my crazy little boy started high school today!!! I know for a fact that yesterday he graduated from Head Start!!! No one will believe me though. He makes wonderful first impressions though....He was so excited about getting on the bus that he falls going UP the bus steps, lol...He gets up, everyone is laughing their butts off at him, he puts both hands in the air and says "How ya'll doin?" Leave it to Cody.... this picture does suit him, lol...

And last but not least, we have Joey. Joey is always happy to go to school :o) It is hard to believe that he is 18. He will be in school for 2 or 3 more years, I haven't decided yet as to which. He got off of the bus this afternoon and said "I had good day, I had fun, I had macaroni and cheese!" lol...

Monday, August 24, 2009


These are the first scrapbook layouts of my second grandchild, Gianna Sofia....

Isn't she a beautiful little princess?

Friday, August 14, 2009

A few projects...

I thought I would take the time to post some projects that I have completed in the last week.

The other day a friend posted a link to a blog She had found a vintage gumball machine and took it home, cleaned it up and filled it with white buttons. Lightbulb goes off in my head!!! I have two of these machines that have been sitting in a closet for 4 years now and now I know what to do with them!!! So I drug them out and my dear loving son drilled the locks out for me and then I cleaned them up and here is my finished product. I may spray paint it a different color in the future, but I was so excited that I just wanted to see the finished product. The other one will also house flowers, because, let's face a scrapbooker I am a flower floosy :o)

Two weeks ago we went browsing through an antique shop that I love. I found a few things. I found a few vintage sewing patterns, a choir hymnal from 1915 and a wooden recipe box....this is what I came up with when I got home with my goodies and went to work....

Well, that is it for now...I am off to work on a layout of my new grand-daughter :o)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I can't believe how long it has been since I have written anything here. So much has gone on! Since I was last here I took EMT classes and am now an EMT working part time. I took a hiatus from scrapbooking, but the bug has hit me again. Here are some of the layouts that I have done recently:
I also had a grand-daughter enter the world on June 2, 2009. I proudly present Ms. Gianna Sofia....

I will post more later :o)
Have a great day!!!