Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just ranting and blowing off steam...

Why is it that school districts won't get our kids the things that our kids need?  Joey had his augmentative evaluation back in March of this year.  According to the law, Policy 24-19, the school district only has so many days to impliment what it is determined the child needs.  Well it was determined that Joey needed an augmentative device.  Well of course Boone County schools fell down on the job AGAIN...I swear these people must fall down and bump their freaking head every freaking day (yes I am being nice by not using the other word!).  A certain device was suggested for Joey, but of course since they fell down and bumped their head, that device has now been discontinued.  Well the high and mighty's that think they know everything about Autism (which they don't, they don't have an autistic person in their life) have suggested another device that is based on a 1st grade level...HELLO YOU STUPID IGNORANT MORONS...MY CHILD IS 18 YEARS OLD!!! He may be a lot slower than most people, but if you knew my son, you would know that he is above a 1st grade level!!!  You know that is all ya'll want, to NOT SEE OUR KIDS SUCCEED!!!  WELL PEOPLE YA'LL HAVE MESSED WITH THE WRONG MOM!!!  You would think after you dealing with me for 15 years that it would get through your heads!  Ya know what, I have had enough!!!  You really want to see me fight?  You haven't seen anything yet... 

I have suggested an alternative device to the one that the school district thinks should suffice, (oh you know why they want the other device?  Because is was $3,000 cheaper!)  Well folks it is going to cost about $7,000 total for the device that he should have!!!! The one that they want to get is right at $3,000.  I even offered, in writing, to allow them to bill Joey's know what they said?  "Oh no, we can't bill medicaid"...BULLSHIT!!! If you can't bill medicaid, then why do they want for me to sign authorization for them to bill medicaid for his IEP meetings?  Maybe a little double dipping...hmmm, because isn't my child allowed to have "a free and appropriate education" just as "normal" children?...well that is what the law says, and I know what Boone County Schools think about the law. 

I even asked Joey's advocate to write a letter to them on what her recommendations were.  I told her don't recommend the one that I want, if you don't believe that it would be in Joey's best interest.  I sent her the specifics on both devices.  She believes also that the one that I am recommended should be the one that Joey gets.  We have decided to just let them do what they want to do though...they will have their day in court!!!

I just had to get this off of my chest...

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  1. It's KateB coming over from the Tim's yahoo group and my intention was just to look at scrapping goodies but this post caught my ey so...just gotta say that as a mom of a child with "different abilities" myself, I AM my son's only advocate and I agree, I've heard many stories about school districts who are just concerned about the bottom cost instead of the long term benefits which I feel outweigh any costs. you should always take your advocate with you to any IEP/meetings, sometimes just the presence of 2 people stops them from trying to gang up and bullsh#t you. I have an IEP on Wednesday for my son at a new school and I'm going in there with an open mind and receptive ears but they should know, I'm like you-DON"T MESS WITH MOMMA! Good luck and keep fighting-they look for those who give in easily :)

    Kate Blue