Thursday, August 27, 2009

First day of school

Well August 26, 2009 was an emotional day for me. My baby girl Ariel had her last first day of school....meaning....She is a senior this year. It seems as if just yesterday I was putting her on the school bus for the very first time. Where has the time gone? I know she has grown up already. I know that is just a clone of her every time I see her mouth open and she starts asking what she should do with her life and what should she take in college. My baby is little bitty with big cheeks, and a smile that could make your heart melt. Where did she go? I know she is still here, for summer will be different though and that I am not looking forward too.

And of course my crazy little boy started high school today!!! I know for a fact that yesterday he graduated from Head Start!!! No one will believe me though. He makes wonderful first impressions though....He was so excited about getting on the bus that he falls going UP the bus steps, lol...He gets up, everyone is laughing their butts off at him, he puts both hands in the air and says "How ya'll doin?" Leave it to Cody.... this picture does suit him, lol...

And last but not least, we have Joey. Joey is always happy to go to school :o) It is hard to believe that he is 18. He will be in school for 2 or 3 more years, I haven't decided yet as to which. He got off of the bus this afternoon and said "I had good day, I had fun, I had macaroni and cheese!" lol...

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  1. That was really sweet. I can only imagine how I will feel on Haley's last first day. That is going to make a great scrapbook page.