Thursday, July 26, 2007

What a day!!!

Well today has been an exciting day. First I waited for Wayne to get home from work this morning so that we could go pay bills. So we left, Wayne dropped me off at the scrapbook store while he went next door to get the car washed... I picked up a couple of things that I need for a design team submission that I am working on. While I was there one of the classes that I am teaching filled up. A lady called and reserved the last two spots for the inking class and Beverly said that there were two people, I believe, that has signed up for the mixed media class. So I was excited about that.

Then we stopped and ate at Steak Escape and yummo it was sooooo good :) I love their hambrosia sandwiches... Ham and pineapple, yummy :) Then we head to Kerr's Music World to pick up the things that Ariel needs for flag corp. Coming to find out most of it has to be ordered and won't be in for a week after it is ordered. O.K. So then we head off to Sam's to have the tires on the car rotated and balanced. We told them that there was a vibration in the car since we got the new tires put on, so to please check it out... Well the guy that did the tires kept trying to tell Wayne that the rims on the car was bent and two of them needed to be replaced, blah blah blah.... well he just kept on about how it could happen and what it will cause the car to do... blah blah.... While at the same time Wayne is digging his ASE Master Techinician Certification out of his wallet... Shows it to the guy and says, "Buddy, this isn't my first rodeo, I know what it can do" The guy shut his mouth and didn't say another word... heheheheh.... I loved it!

Well we leave and as we leave the shopping center we noticed an accident that just happened. One car was on it's top and the driver was laying halfway out of the passenger side and the front end of the other car was smashed to smitereens... There was and elderly woman and her 12 year old grandson in that one. Wayne being an EMT takes control of the situation (there was no emergency personnel on the scene yet) Another EMT was taking care of the guy in the rolled over car, so Wayne goes to the other car. He has me do C-Spine on the lady while he checks out the boy and then goes and checks on the other patient. I think everyone will be fine. The little boy was really scared, but not hurt. The woman's hand went through her windshield, but I think that is all, but will be very sore from the airbag too. The guy in the rollover will be o.k., but not sure of the extent of his injuries. It was neat being able to work right there side by side with Wayne in this kind of situation and getting to see what it feels like in his job. Now I am even more excited about taking the EMT class come this fall.

On another note...Wayne's Anatomy and Physiology classes were finished yesterday. He passed the class with a 98!!! I am so proud of him. His Paramedic classes start on August 20. I know that he will do just as well with those too. I love him so much and appreciate what he is doing to better himself and make a better life for his family. He is a good man. I am glad that he is finally getting to do what he has always wanted to do with his life. He is a happy person now and it shows.

Well I guess that is it for tonight, I just wanted to share my day :)

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