Monday, July 23, 2007

Random thoughts

I have to laugh at Ariel. She has decided that she wants to paint her room, even though within the next 6 months to a year we will be replacing the insulation, sheetrock and windows in her room. So I told her that is fine, but you have to take off the wall border and the walls have to be cleaned with bleach water before you can paint. She said, are you serious Mom? I said yep, sure am, but I won't let you paint until the other stuff is done.... Well she has been working on the border all day and has about half of it done. She says her arms hurt, lol. She said but I thought you were going to help me mom? I told her, hmmmm, remember when I was re-doing my bedroom? Did you help me? I will show you how to do everything, but if you want it done then you need to do it. You are old enough to do these things now and you don't need me to do them for you, you just need me to show you how and then you can conquer it. Think of how satisfied you will feel when you get done! She now says that she will never get done, lol. I just think that it is so cute. But know ole softy Mom, I will probably go in there and help her because I feel sorry for her... But then again, maybe not, hehehe.

The house is back to normal again. Joey is back home from summer and has settled down. When he got home he went straight to his bedroom to the vcr/tapes. I only see him when it is time to eat or take his pills or to get ready for bed:) He is happy!

I had a very long talk with Tiffany the other day. I don't think that it sunk in how serious I am about the way that she treats me. She is my daughter, but I am not dirt under her feet and I won't be treated that way any longer. I told her she would have to make the first step. That was 3 days ago and I still have yet to hear from her.

Who knows....oh well.... This is what life is all about....

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  1. Hang in there sweetie cuz guess what....I CAN POST A COMMENT NOW!!! woohoooooooooo!!! LOL Did ya laugh?? Smile?? Say I am an idiot??!!??

    What does bleaching a wall have to do with painting??? I am about to repaint the bathroom that's been waiting since JANUARY (LOL) and I will NOT be bleaching my walls!!!

    So happy Joey is home and happy!!! HUGS!