Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's almost over...

Summer that is. Joey's special education summer school program will be over with tomorrow. Ariel start practice for the flag corp team for the high school today. So that means that the footballs players will be starting their practice soon. This will mean hectic Fridays for me because if I want to go to the games and be able to watch Ariel at halftime, then I have to find a sitter for Joey as he DOES NOT do well with crowds.... And as of right now, Wayne can't help me with him, because of the way that his school schedule and work schedule will be, so more than likely he won't be there to help with him if I can't find a sitter.

Today will actually be last day of peace and quiet. Wayne will be home tomorrow so it is a day filled with running the roads, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc..... Then no more school for Joey till the school year starts. I guess I am lucky since his vcr and tapes keep him very occupied, but we all have hell to pay when he wheres the vcr out!!!! Hopefully I can find some more at yard sales as I only have one more that is stored away for when the one that he has now is dead.

I have been reading a lot of other people's blogs lately. I so wish I could write like them :) They can be so funny, interesting and thought provoking. I guess the only thing I have to write about is what goes on in my little world, I would just like to be able to put a funny spin on things every once in while :)

Oh well maybe when I grow up....

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  1. Sandy, I wish I could write like some of fellow bloggers as well, but many are so educated and I simply couldn't handle being in school longer than I did!! LOL I got my degree and hopefully will never have to go back! Sometimes I wonder if I should have more goals in life, but right now, raising my children with morals and manners is my ultimate goal. Maybe when I grow up, I'll find more goals....ROFL