Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well it is a yucky day here in West Virginia.  I am sitting here with one of my sons watching tv, so I thought I would do some posting on the ole blog.

This first layout is of my autistic son Joey.  We were at Virginia Beach on Memorial Day and this was a picture that I was able to catch while we were waiting on some food.  It is very hard to get a picture of him.  I used Flying Unicorn's kit of the month for this layout.  I love the way that this picture is perfect for this paper.  Don't you agree?

Here is another one that I did with the kit.  This is my daughter Ariel with Joey.  She loves him so much.  I just love the colors of this kit.  

Okay those are the only two that I am going to post for now, although I do have many more before I am caught up.

Enjoy ;o)


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