Saturday, January 14, 2012

So far so good...meaning on me sticking to my resolution of posting more on my blog ;o)  It is a beautiful cold day here in West Virginia, we escaped a snow storm...AGAIN.  And I dislike that, well with growing up in southeast Texas, I hate the heat and love the snow ;o)  I keep trying to talk hubby into moving out west, like Colorado or Wyoming, but it hasn't happened yet.  Now if there were a paramedic job that came open in Yellowstone, he would be there in heartbeat!!!!!  He would even probably beat me there.  Oh well enough of my rambling, let's post a layout shall we?

Yep, this is me and my hubby...we were being know like the kids do now days with their lips puckered and the peace sign.  I challenged myself on this layout to NOT use any flowers.  It was very hard for me to do that as I am a self proclaimed flower floozy.  I have to put flowers on all of my layouts that I do.  I do blame a friend of mine for that as well.  I will never forget, Becky Woods talking about Prima flowers and how awesome they were.  I asked what kind of flowers that they were and that I had never seen them.  Well nothing holding her back she HAD to send me some.  And that is when the flower floozy surfaced.  

Okay, so I hope you like the layout.  About the only technique I used on it was painting the chipboard letters and then inking them.

See ya soon!


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