Monday, July 12, 2010

Where does the time go?

My plan was to post more on my blog, but is seems as if I never have the time.  Where do all of you bloggers find time to get here and post?  I need to know!!!!   I have things that I would love to talk about on here, but then forget about them, why?  Because I got to busy to post them!  And to think I don't work outside of the home, I should have all kinds of time....imagine what it would be like if I did work!  I know how it would be, I would be more organized and make better use of my time.  Oh well so I am not a list maker or an organizer so I guess I will remain a discombobulated (OMG I used a big word) person for the rest of my menopausal, CRS (can't remember shit) life, lol....but it is my life and honestly I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Well, my husband Wayne has now lost 75+ pounds!!!! YAY!  I am so very proud of him, he works hard at even though he says he cheated at it.  He had the Lap-Band surgery back in October of 2009 and it has done wonders for him!  I exercises every single day and I have joined him on that.  I am making a little bit of progress.  Six weeks ago I was in a size 14 and now I am in a 12 and I can get those 9/10's on and buttoned, but I do like to breathe, so I guess I am not quite ready for those, YET!  The weight is finally starting to come off, it is taking it's time because I am building lots of muscle.  My legs have never looked this damn good!  Those million dollar legs that some of the actresses have, have nothing on mine...well except maybe another foot in height, lol...

O.K. let me get to this layout that I have done.  This is for a color challenge over at The Mosy Scrapper.  I love being on their design team!  We are going to have a live chat on this Wednesday evening and we are going to have a ball!  You should hurry up and head on over there and join, the girls there are great and there is a ton of inspiration!  Just click on the link above!

O.K. for this challenge I found a beautiful picture of my grand-daughter Gianna (wait she can't take a bad picture).  I hope that you like and leave me some love, I love hearing from everyone!

So that's it for now and I promise to get better at posting more often!

As Jake would say,
Here's winkin' at ya,


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