Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sad Day

We have had a rough day today.  Both my husband and I are volunteer firefighters.  We have had several inches of rain and everyone around here knows that is not good in the mountains.  It comes down off of the mountains fast and hard!  With all of the snow that we have had that has recently melted the ground is saturated.  The creeks and rivers are raging and overflowing their banks.  This morning my husband and I were at fire school and it came over the speaker that one of our local volunteer firefighters was lost in a swift water rescue.  His boat capsized while on a rescue and he never resurfaced.  There is a Black Hawk helicopter and rescue and recovery teams out looking for him.  This is one of our own, one of our brothers.  People don't realize that every time the tone goes off it could be the last one for us.  We risk our lives every day to help and to save people.  I know people panic when the water starts rising, but please, please, please when the water starts to rise, don't try to drive through it or walk across it.  Not only are you risking your life, but the life of someones son, daughter, husband, wife.....someone's daddy, someone's mommy....please don't do it.

The rain has just about stopped, but the tears are still falling and the water continues to rise.

I was looking forward to maybe getting outside this week and enjoying some spring weather, instead, we will more than like be getting firetrucks ready for a fallen brothers funeral.

I pray to our Heavenly Father to keep our fellow brothers and sisters safe as they are out there saving lives everyday.  Keep them safe and out of harms way.  Please Lord, lay your hand on this missing firefighter and his family and their department.  Please give them strength and comfort.  I pray in your name, Amen.

Sandy is our local news on it....

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  1. very sad and it goes the same with police officers too...special people in our communities that we take for granted.