Monday, March 15, 2010

Full Circle

You know people will tell you that you know when your life comes full circle.  I can truly say now that I know what they mean and that it has happened to me.  It is the greatest thing ever!  My grandchildren have been spending some time with us and it is the greatest thing ever!  I never thought that anything could top how I felt when I gave birth to my children.  But now that I have grandchildren and am able to spend time with them since they are back in the states, I think that this tops that feeling!

The pictures are of what has been going on the past 2 weeks!

At the airport.

Gianna and PawPaw

Isn't she sweet?  Lil' Miss Gianna

Dominick on the fire truck.

Betsy on guard duty!

So see life does come full circle!

So as Jake would say...

Here's winking at ya...



  1. My Mom says the SAME THING: Grandkids are BETTER than kids!!!

  2. Oh the photos are too cute! Enjoy the precious moments with your grandkids!!

  3. I love seeing your family with you...I know you have enjoyed those precious grandchildren! Diann