Friday, June 11, 2010

The Mosy Scrapper

Last month I was asked to be on the design team for The Mosy Scrapper the girls there are wonderful!  You need run on over there and join as soon as possible!  The talent is amazing as well :o)  

So far I have completed to items from this months sponsor, The Little Black Dress kit club.  I am having fun working with all of the goodies and hope to get more created today!  So anyway here is what I have created so far:

This is going to be the cover for a journal in the future...

This is, of course, of Ariel.  I named this "Don't Blink"  because I blinked and she grew up.  You know all the time that our children are growing up, we are preparing them for when they get older, graduation, jobs, marriage, parenthood...but you know what I realized?  No one prepares us Moms for when our children do grow up and sprout their wings and want to fly.  For graduation we gave Ariel the gift of a cruise, for a job well done in school, making the A B honor roll and just being a great kid, teenager, person!  She has been gone for a little over week now and I am a total basket case.  I know that she is probably having the time of her life, but mom isn't.  Mom is and wasn't prepared for these feelings!  So to all you mom's out there, prepare yourselves as you prepare your children.  It will be the hardest thing you do, to let them grow up and sprout wings, but remember....Don't Blink...


  1. That is so true...Mom's aren't prepared to let our kids go. {sniff, sniff} I hope that your daughter is having a blast and has many memories of her wonderful gift you gave her.

    We love having over at TMS too! Glad you found us and are having a blast with inspiration and creating!

  2. are kids grow up way to fast....mine are all adults and two of the three have kids :(

    BTW, I love love your layouts.

  3. Beautiful layout of your it!
    Congrats on the DT - your work is just wonderful!!

  4. This layout is so beautiful! How sweet is your decription of it. :D Children do grow soo quickly. Lovely design and colors!