Thursday, September 25, 2008

This hectic life I lead...

I have a question... Why do us mom's take on so much? I mean it's not like I was busy enough with the kids and not having any extra time, but then I go and start taking EMT classes. Have I lost my freaking mind? I guess I coined it off to thinking that this is something for me to do, which it is. But why did I think that this was going to be a piece of cake? (and without icing no less)... Did I really think that I had the time to read, answer questions, think, study, take tests and all the rest of the stuff that goes along with taking a class? Well I must have thought I didn't have enough to do with homeschooling Cody, Ariel and flag corp practice and football games and dances (you know how the high school socialite can be), and Joey....working all of these training programs with him everyday, therapy every week and helping him to learn. Then when you throw in the house, the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, the dogs, the cleaning for other people, running here, running there, running everywhere (no wonder I need a new pair of running shoes...think Forrest Gump will let me borrow his Nike's?)... I AM EXHAUSTED, lololol.... but you know what? I LOVE IT!!!! This is me.

I thought about this class for a long time and how it could bring Wayne and I even closer together, I was going to do it for us.... But now I see that I am doing it for me :o) I really like it (so far anyway) I know that class will be over in just a matter of a couple of months and my hectic life will be just a little less hectic, but now I feel like Sandy again. Not just Ariel, Joey, Cody or Tiffany' mom. I am not just Wayne's wife. I am SANDY!!!!!!!!! I forgot at some point in my life that there was a me and I am slowly finding me again and it is great. It is great to know that if I should have to return to working outside of home again one day that I can have a rewarding career now. I mean sure I could go back to working in an office environment again, but that is not who I am anymore. I love helping people and this is one great way to be able to do that. Sure you will have the frequent flyers that want the ambulance to take them to the hospital so that they can have some company, but then you have that ONE.... that one that really needs your help and you can give it to them. I can see it as being very rewarding. Now I know why my husband LOVES his job so much. And who knows, maybe I will add college one day to my busy and hectic life and become a paramedic, just like Wayne. But I will save that for one day when I grow up :o)

Well these were just some random thoughts that were going through my head this morning. You know what else? I had forgotten that I had a brain and knew how to use it....Isn't a hectic life great?

Till next time....


Oh and to make this boring post worth the read, here is a picture for ya :o)

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  1. Good for you girl. It's important for us to remember who we are as individuals. Not as someone else's mother, wife, friend. I am proud of you!