Monday, July 22, 2013

I WON!!!!

Okay, so about a month ago I went to a scrapbook retreat that I go to several times a year. It is hosted by Heavenly Scrapbooking Retreats and it is really wonderful and we have so much fun.  So, this retreat they did something a little different.  They had the BoBunny Monthly Challenge kits for those of us who wanted to buy one.  On Saturday night of the retreat you had to have your layout completed and could only use what was in your kit and nothing else!!!!  WOW, that was REALLY hard for me, but I did it and I was pleased with my layout but never thought I would win....But when the voting was completed I was shocked to see that my layout had one.  I printed out that photo that night as it was our states 150th Birthday.  There were a lot of pictures on-line of all of the fireworks and when I saw this picture of the fireworks shooting over our capital in Charleston, West Virginia....I new I wanted to use this photo to remember this special day.  I would like to give credit on the photo to James Stanton Photography, your photo is truly amazing.

Here is the layout that I completed.....

We were also told at the beginning that whoever's layout won would be submitted to BoBunny for their monthly challenge.  So I really thought no more of it and then on Friday evening on July 12th, I was jumping up and down.  Now let me paint a picture for you.  We own an auction house and the auction was going on.  Here I am jumping up and down, clapping my hands and jumping my way up to the stage where my husband was auctioning.  He was like what in the heck is up with you?  So he stops in the middle of what he is auctioning to listen to me....Well I told him, "you remember my layout that won the challenge at the retreat?"  him:  "yeah"  me:  "remember I told you it was going to be submitted to BoBunny for their monthly challenge"  him:  "yeah"  me:  "well I won"  him:  "huh"  me:  "I WON the layout challenge!"  him:  "cool, did you win money?"  me:  "no, but I won $150 BoBunny prize package and that is so much better!"  him:  "if you say so".  Then he goes on about auctioning and I am on cloud 9!!!!

So here is the prize package that I won!  Thank you so much to BoBunny for choosing my layout for your layout challenge!

I can't wait to use all of my new goodies!



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  1. Oh Sandy I am so happy for you! We are friends on fb and when I saw your post the other day about DT's I knew exactly how you felt and thought I should come visit! Your layout deserves to win!! I have joined your blog and invite you to visit mine as I have a giveaway going on as well! It's for a little girl who has cancer at the age of 2 and I am making an album for her mom. Again congrats on the wins :) All the best Pam Ellis