Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I can't believe how long it has been since I have made a blog post.  I guess I just needed a hiatus and boy did I take a long one.  I am finally scrapbooking again and had forgotten what it meant to me to be able to create art.  But there has been so much going on with life that I just couldn't create.  But I am happy to say officially that I am back and I hope to continue to create and share.  Here are several layouts that I have created recently....

This is my grand-daughter when she was a baby.  She is three now, wow where has the time gone?

This is my daughter Ariel....she is so photogenic.  This was one of her senior pictures that I took of her.  This was taken at the Cultural Center at the Capital.

And last but not least the is my son Cody and his girlfriend Victoria.  Aren't they a beautiful couple?

I have to share this picture.  When the hurricane hit the east coast last month our power was out for a while.  We received quite a bit of snow, heavy wet snow....so most know what that means:  no power.  Well I wanted something sweet to eat and we had to eat the food in the fridge so that we didn't lose it (although we did lose a lot of it)...but I found the cinnamon roles.  So desperate times call for desperate measures.....

Yes that is my dutch oven on top of the kerosene heater and YES you can cook cinnamon rolls on top of the kerosene heater!  AND they were yummy!

And the next two pictures are why we were without power!!!!

Now I want to post something that I am very proud of.  My son Cody.  Cody is in military school at Mountaineer Challenge Academy.  He is doing so awesome and I am so very proud of him and the man that he has become in this program.  My son left a boy and has become an amazing man, the man I knew that he had the potential of being.

Isn't he a handsome man?  I know that I am partial, but he is a handsome devil.

Oh well, that is all for today, I am sitting in a hotel room that I can pick up my handsome devil for Thanksgiving break tomorrow.  It is time for The Voice ;o)

I will be posting more!


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