Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey has been so crazy around here with it being Ariel's senior year in high school and we just had Prom this past weekend (glad that is over with)...Graduation in just a couple of weeks now.  Here is my beautiful daughter....
This next one is of her and her boyfriend, they not only complement each other, they complete each other....

I have had a chance to get some layouts done, but haven't gotten them posted, so here are some of them ;o)  I hope that you enjoy them and if you have any questions about them or the techniques, just ask!

It is so hard to get a good picture of Joey.  So I cherish every layout that I get to do of him.  There are so many quirks with autism, sometimes it is really hard to find out what autistic kids like and dislike.  Joey let us know very early on that his favorite color was green.  Now that he is 19 years old, his favorite color is still green.  I love you my son.

This layout is of my beautiful grand daughter Gianna.  I was able to get my hands on the new Tim Holtz paper and immediately knew that this picture was meant for that paper!  I glimmer misted the doilie (I add glimmer mist to everything).  The flowers are from my favorite company, Prima.  I cut the letters out with my Sure-Cuts-Alot program on some chipboard.  I then used the drunken scotch technique on the letter and it gave the layout just what I was looking for.

Oh my.....My son Cody!!!  He is quite the character.  I took this picture last year when we were on vacation in Colorado.  The title of the page "WTF" came around because last month he had gotten in trouble at school for using "text language" and the vice-principle had never punished anyone and told us that he was going to use Cody as an example (o.k. I am a red-head AND menopausal, how do you think this went over with me?)  Anyway, the story....Cody has ADHD, we have recently upped his dosage of medication and it has done wonders for him.  He has brought up all of his F's to mostly A's and B's now.  Well the teacher did not have control of the classroom and Cody was trying to listen to the assignment when he turned around and yelled at the other students to "STFU" ....if you know text language then you know what this means.  So he was made an example of and received in school suspension for it.  So anyway, I thought this picture was perfect to document that.

This is my sweet little grand son Dominick.  I love this picture because it looks like he is thinking, hence the name of the layout "Thoughts of a Boy"

I love this picture of Dominick throwing sand up in the air.  It is hard to see it in the picture, but the sand was also caught in mid air.  My daughter Tiffany took this picture at a park in Germany.  When I saw the picture I knew that the perfect title would be "Mr. Sandman send me a dream".  The castle was an SVG file that I downloaded (I will try to find the file so that I can give the designer credit for it).  After I cut it out I used sand colored "Mud-Puddles" all over it.  I also used Lemon Meringue Glimmer Mist on the letters.  The sandcastle in the top right corner was a sticker (yes those of you who know me are now saying "OMG, Sandy used a sticker, lol (I never use stickers)).

I have more to share, but am unable to because they have gone with a design team application.  So I will share those as soon as I can ;o)

So, as Jake would say....

Here's winkin' at ya ;o)



  1. Ariel ~ you're a beautiful young lady! Great layouts, Sandy! I love Cody's. ;-) And then there's Gianna's ~ WOW! Beautiful layout!

  2. Great prom picture and you pages are wonderful!!!

  3. Oh Sandy....Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!! Her dress is beyond beautiful and they look so amazing together!!!!! I love the fact she is NOT overly done up and her natural beauty shows through.....You should be VERY proud!!! And your layouts are AMAZING girl!!!!! Love all your pages...what a beautiful family you have....The Lord has blessed you greatly my friend!!!!

  4. She is so beautiful. The dress is amazing. I hope they had a good time. Great layouts too.

  5. Ariel is so beautiful and sure has a look of her mother! Her lemon dress is stunning and just a wonderful color for her! You did good, Sandy! Your ART pages are great but it's hard to concentrate on those after seeing Ariel! Diann

  6. Your daughter is soooo beautiful! I love her dress too!! she is gorgeous in yellow!

    Awesome layouts too!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Just happened by. Love your layouts and beautiful children and grandchildren. I have 2 baby grandaughters-they make life complete. BTW your daughter is gorgeous and that dress-dreamy.