Saturday, January 26, 2008

Twice in one month...

Wow I am doing good :) Let's see there is a lot happening....The scrapbooking classes are doing wonderful! I am so happy that I get to share this wonderful hobby with others. I will take pictures of the layouts that I have taught and post them soon. I thought I had already taken the pictures, but I can't find them right now.

Well Cody and Ariel made it through the first semester of school, Ariel the 10th grade and Cody in his first year of junior high...7th grade. I thought that Cody would kill me before I got him through this past semester. I have never had problems like this with him at school...but all grades were passing, so I guess that is good. But the really scary thing is that in the second semester Ariel is in Driver's Education....they start driving on Monday. I am going to stay OFF the road, lol.

Wayne did very well this past semester in his medic class. We are on the home stretch now. He is doing clinicals one day a week, school 2 days a week and ride time as a medic student in the ambulance, plus still working overtime. He will test out at the end of the summer. I know he will do very well and he is loving the medic aspect of his job.

My grandson Dominick is standing up and will be walking soon!!!! I told Tiffany that she needs to invest in a good pair of running shoes now, because she will be constantly running after him :) ohhhhh the joys of motherhood, hehehehe..... He is working on trying to cut his first tooth also, but he just wants to put the teething ring on his head instead of his mouth, lol.

Well I will post pictures stay tuned to this station :)

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