Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I just don't know...

What is going on with me. I don't want to do anything! This depression funk is still with me and really really really getting the best of me. I am mean to everyone, myself included. I broke down and finally made an appointment with a doctor today. It just really scares me because of how I grew up. I don't want for my children to see me the way that I saw my mom. I have always considered myself a strong person, but right now I know that I am really weak and I am not having any luck getting stronger. I can usually pull myself right out of this, but it isn't working this time. But I know that I need to do something, or I am going to lose a lot of people that I love and care deeply about.

Well it is close to time for the kids to come home. I need to finish a scrapbook layout for a class that I am teaching tonight. We are doing heritage layouts.

Hopefully I can get in to see the dr. soon. Their office is supposed to call me with an appointment. I hate feeling like this.....Lord I need your help...

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  1. Hi Sandy!
    It has been nice to start getting to know you on the LDSMoms Yahoo group. What cute grandbaby photos! I hope your doctor's appointment goes well and that you can get they relief you are looking for. It takes a lot of courage to choose change and I really applaud you for looking at what you want for your life and working to make it happen, even when it is hard to do and scary. Bravo!