Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where has...

The time gone? Time flies so by so fast. My son, Cody, has gone through a rite of passage tonight. He had orientation for the 7th grade, junior high. It seems just like yesterday that I was giving birth to him, then I was sending him to preschool, then to kindergarten and now to junior high. It is so hard to believe that in two weeks, my son will go through another rite of passage...he will turn 12. Time flies when your having fun. Cody has been a blessing in my life. And even though he can talk my head off, I couldn't imagine him any other way :)

O.K. on to other sappy stuff.... I submitted another layout to the Basic Grey gallery for their consideration. I am still waiting to hear if they will accept it to their gallery. The name of the layout is "Who Is She".

This is the journaling....

Who Is She?

© By Kyle J. Underwood

She's a soft cool rain on a hot summers day. She makes me laugh with the funny things she has to say.

She's the beat of my heart, and the air that I breathe. She's the sun and the wind, and autumns golden leaves.

She's the pride that I feel when I know she's done what’s right. She's that warm feeling I get, when I remember tucking her in at night.

She is homework and sports, and a busy social life. She has this beautiful smile that could light the darkest night.

She is the scared feeling I have when she stays out late. The feeling that I am loosing her, when she wants to date.

She's the mixed emotion I have, as I watch her mature and grow. I tell myself she will never leave, but, I know in my heart that someday she will go.

I hope the man that steals her heart, will treat her like a queen. Because she deserves so much more, than a man that treats her mean.

I will always cherish the wonderful times we have had. The best part of my life was being her dad.

So now you know who she is, she's my little girl. I love her with all my heart, and I always will.

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  1. wait till you start working on his 30th birthday album... time flies, way too fast and they grow up way too fast. cody sounds like a wonderful kid... give him a hug for me for making you a happy mommy please...
    oh and about the layout... omg it's beautiful but you knew that... good luck with the submission... love you gf